Our top moments.

Since launching in November 2018 with Sophie Southmayd at the helm, the business has grown by over 500% and the international, multi-disciplinary team continues to expand. With a full team of digital marketing experts, we have grown to ten team members who are situated throughout North America and Europe.


2022-06-01 00:00:00 +0000

Annabel’s Member’s Club in Mayfair

The Business of Social Media

Sophie Southmayd hosted a panel of social media experts. She spoke alongside Natalie Salmon, digital editor of Vogue Scandinavia; Genna AlTai, digital marketing for United Nations for Refugees; and Eshita Kabra, owner and founder of By Rotation.


February 2022

Conde Nast College of Fashion & Design

How to run a digital campaign

Presenting to the students of Conde Nast College for the second time, Sophie Southmayd discussed the ins and outs of digital campaign management. From content creation to client management, the students got an inside look into previous campaigns we have done at Social Southmayd for real-life examples of successful campaigns.


January 2021

Conde Nast College of Fashion & Design

The Role of the Agency

Lecture to the second year students of Conde Nast College of Fashion & Design about how to pitch to a new client, a 360 approach to digital marketing, and how to stand out.


February 2021

University of Arts London

Becoming a Digital Agency

Lecture to the second year and post-grad students about how to found a digital agency, the process that goes into founding your own business


March 2021

AllBright Collective Women’s Group

Coffee & Connect with Sophie Southmayd

First appearance at the AllBright Collective in Mayfair where Sophie spoke about running a social media company and tips about social media management.


July 2021

Annabel’s Member’s Club in Mayfair

Instagram Crash Course

Sophie Southmayd headed an online crash course for mastering growth techniques on one of the most relevant digital marketing platforms, Instagram; applicable to personal and business accounts for their membership base. The event formed part of an online programme of events for Annabel’s members.